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Hi Everyone! We are Nicole and Shawn Streeter.
Nicole is the photographer and Shawn is the videographer. We are high school sweethearts who have been together for 20+ years! We have have two kiddos, lots of tattoos, and love capturing love stories! Nicole is loud, Shawn is crazy smart, and together we make a great wedding team. Nicole has a degree in Psychology , and is eternally grateful that her family gifted her that first big camera as a graduation present. Shawn has degree in Audio Engineering and Graphic Design. Both of us are self taught, and truly love what we do. 

We do photography and videography full time! We went to Scotland to celebrate our wedding Anniversary recently, and we LOVE traveling so bring us along for your destination weddings! Our wedding bucket list is to go to Europe, The Mountains, Oregon's Canon Beach, The Redwoods, etc! 

Being that we have been a couple for so dang long, we really want to start documenting renewals. Because we get it, we get that journey your relationship goes on, when you have been with someone for a long time. We get the struggles, and how things feel different. Your styles have changed, you have more money to actually spend on a photographer, so let's freaking go!! 


Contact us below to see if we have your wedding date available and to set up a zoom chat with us! 

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