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Kyia & Dean - A Wedding To Remember

Kyia & Dean's wedding was filled with family. And I mean a lot of family. But the thing I remember most about their wedding was the hugely packed dance floor. I had never seen anything like it! I think every single person was dancing to the amazing live band and the joy it sparked was evident.

Kyia and Dean got married at Allen Centennial Garden in Madison WI. It is one of my favorite outdoor venues to shoot at in Madison! We were greeted by sunshine the entire day. As Kyia walked down the aisle to Dean, you could see the smiles on everyones faces. These two are soulmates.

As we all walked to the garden to get a large, and I mean large, group shot of the whole family, I snapped a candid shot of both their moms. They walked hand in hand and laughed from all the joy. It is one of my favorite shots from this wedding.

Dean's family owns boat marinas around Madison so of course we ended up at the marina. We took a pontoon boat ride over to their breathtaking venue at The Memorial Union. Their reception was straight out of a fairytale. Every detail was perfect and as dinner ended, the couple and their family and friends danced the night away.

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