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Rachel & Lance - A Whimsical Small Wedding

Rachel and lance are high school sweat hearts. They had imagined this day many times, but covid 19 had other plans for the Fall of 2020. Rachel and Lance decided on switching their ordinal plans to a small wedding at her parents, with just closest friends and family. They were surrounded with love and laughter, and had an enchanting day. Rachel's dad likes to make hobbit houses out of the hills on his estate so we had to pose the wedding party in front of one, obviously!

It was the perfect day. We had beautiful weather for October, the sun was shining, and everyone was so happy to see one another. Rachel and Lance took their time to truly enjoy their day. I love small weddings for this exact reason. We have time to be in the moment! They decided to do a first look, which I loved! It is one of the only times the bride and groom get to actually see each other and be together without everyone else being around them. A moment they can celebrate their love together.

We will be doing a bigger reception for this wedding in 2021 (or once it is safe to do so) and I cannot wait to see them all again!

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